How do NGOs bring a difference in people’s lives

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Non-Governmental Organizations are a vital part of our society fulfilling their honourable duty and contribution in making necessary changes in our society, addressing societal issues, raising awareness, and protecting human rights without any government intervention. NGOs work on various levels like local, national or international depending on the prevailing issue.

NGOs act as a crucial link between the government and civil society. They serve as go-betweens, promoting interaction and cooperation between these two organisations. NGOs give marginalised people’s views more weight by communicating with officials about their problems and influencing policy choices. NGO watch dogs provide openness and stop power abuses by holding governments responsible for their deeds

NGOs work for various kinds of cause, it can be either social or related to nature. They generally take up cases which have been left attended by society and government but need immediate attention. Taking care of pollution to save nature or raising voice for societal issues which are prevalent like discrimination are being taken up by NGOs.

Mainly NGOs help the common people protect their human rights who are not in the capacity to do it for themselves. NGOs revive faith in people’s hearts who have somehow lost courage. NGOs help many people every day in many different ways that ultimately lifts the stature of overall society, thus helping the society to move forward.

During the times of pandemics or any natural disaster, NGOs play a vital role in providing funds, medical assistance, food, shelter and many necessary things giving relief to society during these difficult times. During Covid times, NGOs provided ration, food, sanitizers and vaccine facilities being a great help for the people.

Many NGOs are taking initiative to provide education to children covering many kinds of issues like poverty, child labour leading to overall growth. With this, children can choose their career in which they find their interest the most.

Similarly, Raturi Foundation is taking initiatives to consider some serious societal issues that haunt our surroundings. Neglect of child education and child labour are one of the most common and serious issues that are adopted by this foundation. Children are our country’s . future who will shape the society and its values. It is our responsibility to provide primary education to such children who either have no access to education or who can not afford it. Mr. Dev Raturi is diligently involved in tackling this prominent issue through this Raturi Foundation which acts as a medium between children and their aspiring future.

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