Sponsor a child to provide the necessities that are essential for an overall development of a child and give them the life that everyone deserves to get.

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You can volunteer and work on the ground level with us to help in this global cause. Participate in our day to day work of providing the essential goods to people and more to give your support.

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Do your part by donating and extend your helping to the needy children and old age people who are finding ways to live. Give them a reason by assuring their stable future.

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About us

Committed to serve humanity and help people to move forward from what they have survived. We are continuously struggling to aid people who are struggling to even survive.

To break the cycle of poverty for the maximum of the people in our vicinity and help them get out of their vulnerability and let them find their true potential within them. We let them explore their true talent by educating them and letting them decide what they want to be.

Welfare of Children

Children are the future of our country and the most valuable asset for development. All children deserve to get the right guidance at their crucial stage to move forward in the right direction. At Raturi Foundation, we give them their space to develop their own talents and help them to nurture and polish it. Many families fall into the vicious cycle of poverty everyday due to natural calamities or any tragedies. They are deprived of the basic necessities of life and in this situation, we give hope to such people. We provide them the basic necessities primarily and support them to focus on their education and enjoy this process of learning, indulging them in other activities too.


The most powerful tool which can change mindsets, develop society and transform the world, is EDUCATION. Wisdom is the intrinsic wealth that grows with time through learning. It is the most precious asset for anyone which can not be taken away from anyone. We aim to educate children to let them build opinions, to develop the skill of reasoning ability so that they can make decisions on their own for their lives and can become independent in the future. Education is changing lives every day, the world is progressing, so we want these children to be part of this change and make their own existence count in this growth.

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Our Vision

Raturi Foundation is constantly focussing on inculcating true values in the children like compassion for others in pain, a kind heart to help people who seek it, affection for animals and intention to make this world a better place to live. We want all our children to find their own purpose in life and follow their dreams along with the emotions that they are treated with and treat others the same. A place where all the children are treated well, they are protected and secured, have the safety for their future and stability in life and have their own identity in this world.

Our Mision

The mission of our foundation is to provide these basic necessities to the children first who are left homeless and without any shelter. They deserve to be served with all the kindness and love. We are trying to give them first, a healthy environment to live and become fit not only physically but mentally. A place which they can call their home and not just the space surrounded by four walls. Our mission is to make them feel compassion, love and kindness and inculcate the same emotions in them so that they can further carry on the mission of our foundation and the chain of kindness goes on.

Be a part of this change that brings kindness

Donate to help these children become what they want to and join this community that spreads positivity and love that brings the true change in the society. It is believed that love and compassion can even melt the cold-hearted person with its kindness and we are holding to this faith to become an example of this saying so that others can believe it too and implement this in their own lives. This is how our intention to bring the change will be fulfilled truly.