Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving

You can become a member of our organization with different means. One of the ways can be providing a workplace for the foundation.

Providing space for schools – You can provide a home or a place where we can build or make a school to give free education to children who can not afford it. You can get involved with us to provide the necessary things to the school which is essential to set up for infrastructure.

Place for different activities – Children can be provided with the playgrounds to carry out different activities or sports like football, cricket etc. to bring out their talents and help them practice free of cost on the grounds with other necessary services.

Old age home - You can help for an old age home by giving them a safe place to live or by providing the support they need with our foundation.

Donate – Also, you can donate directly to maintain the regular functions of the foundation workplace and to continue other activities.

Your funds will be used in the right place to nurture the upbringing of a child and we will be making available all the necessary details and then placing it in the audit report so that it is visible to all.