What We Do

What do we do?

We focus on three primary areas – children’s health, their education and taking care of old age people. Raturi foundation provides financial assistance to support children in gaining education and providing adequate nutrition to them. Many children are caught in the brutal cycle of poverty that crushes their dreams and hopes. By giving them required support, we are empowering them to again dream and even fulfill them.

Focus on education

child education

Education carries the power to change mindsets and help in the development of a society. An educated person is like a lamp which can light the path for others. It is the most powerful tool in the world and our foundation is also focused on providing education to children.

Support to old age people

Old age is the inevitable phase of a life cycle. In this stage of life, a person needs care and support like a child. We understand the problems that come with ageing and therefore, we are working to empower the old age people so that they can live a dignified life. Our goal is to identify first those who are in need and are leading a vulnerable life. We support them so that they don’t face any difficulty and live healthy.