Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

There are many children out there who need adequate meals, who have potential, who are craving for betterment, want to get educated and are willing to progress in life with hard work but due to several reasons, poverty being the prominent factor, they are not able to get the least. It is our social and moral responsibility to take care of such children so that they get enough nutrition, acquire education, become capable and explore their talents to the maximum extent. We are trying to reach such children who need us and provide them with the life that they deserve.

Our old age people are forced to live alone without any support and financial help. They have worked hard all their life and it’s our responsibility now to provide them the most basic to give them their rightful place.

We believe in holding on to the hope and giving it to others who have lost it so that they can retain faith in themselves.

We are working to bring the change, to break the vicious cycle of poverty, to take as many children as we can out of it. Today’s children are our future and they must be shown the right direction to move ahead so that they too can be the part of this progressive society and no one is left out.

Our mission is to give what they deserve like many other children and make them capable enough so that they can change their world themselves.