Holi Celebration in Raturi Foundation

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Holi, the colors of festivals, is celebrated wholeheartedly with friends and relatives in India. This day brings people closer to each other, reminding us about the love and care we carry for each other. Our foundation is totally aware that each one of us craves warmth which makes us feel happy and comfy.

This Holi, Raturi Foundation made an initiative to bring the homeless people together to make them realize that they are not alone and humanity is here for their rescue. Festivals like Holi give people hope to move forward in life with more motivation and courage. Each one of us needs inspiration from time to time to keep trying in life. This festival brought all of us together to celebrate it with colors and cherish these lively moments.

Mr. Dev raturi, founder of Raturi Foundation has always utilized such occasions to inspire people and spread love. He knows how important it is to interact socially and indulge with people around you. It gives you strength to deal with your life problems.

Mr Raturi is well aware how these celebrations bring smiles in everyone’s life. Raturi Foundation supports many orphan children and helps for their education. Foundation also helps them to enjoy their life to the fullest as every child deserves to live their childhood and cherish the moments.

Holi is celebrated by applying colors on each other but sometimes people use synthetic products and also waste water in the name of enjoyment. Mr. Raturi, through the Raturi Foundation, wants to send this message to everyone to not waste water on Holi, do not tease other people and use organic colors.

Wishing a very Happy Holi to everyone!!


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