Every Child Deserves the Right to Education

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Education is every child’s right and a key to the foundation of their personal and social growth leading to a better quality of life. This responsibility lies upon the society and government to ensure proper access of education to children.

Children who receive an education gain the information and skills necessary to lead fulfilling lives. They gain problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking abilities that are necessary for both their personal and professional lives. Additionally, schooling gives kids a feeling of direction and purpose, enabling them to comprehend their place in society and chart a course for the future.

Governments should give education a high priority and set aside enough funds to expand access to education in their educational policies. Inequalities in social and economic conditions, such as poverty, gender discrimination, and geographical location, should also be addressed by governments to improve access to education. A conducive environment for learning should also be provided by communities and parents, which society should encourage to respect education.

Even after making great growth in recent years, many Indian youngsters still lack access to an education. This is influenced by a number of things, including poverty, gender discrimination, accessibility to schools, educational quality, child labour and caste and religious discrimination. Since children from low-income homes sometimes lack access to basic necessities and may need to labor to support their families, poverty continues to be a major barrier to education. Due to the fact that many households prioritize marriage and home duties over schooling, gender discrimination, particularly against girls, still poses a serious problem. Children who live in rural and isolated places would have to travel a long way to school and the quality of their education may suffer as a result of a lack of resources and skilled teachers.

Child labour is a problem in many areas of India. To overcome these obstacles and ensure that all children may exercise their right to an education, the government and society must work together.

Despite all the difficulties, many foundations are there in India to promote and provide adequate education to children through various means. Raturi Foundation is one of the top non profit organizations providing access to education to many children including scholarships, efficient teachers, health and nutrition support and skill development programs leading to overall development of children.

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